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The California Distance Learning Project provides teacher resources and student activities for adult education in California.

Offers strategies, lessons,activities and ideas designed to help ren learn to read.

Laverne (Liz Torres) and two coworkers use the glossary to figure out unknown words and concepts in their new company health plan.

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Education World is pleased to present a HOT, HOT summer reading program. Thanks to our readers’ contributions, we have gathered summer reading lists by grade, along

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Literacy data published by UNESCO displays that since 1950, the adult literacy rate at the world level has increased by 5 percentage points every decade on average

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Education World wants to help you turn your students into the best readers possible. To do that, we have compiled the “Reading Room” a huge list of articles and

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Some people think trying to read music is hard and difficult. The following set of pages will try to introduce the most important topics in reading music in a very

A parents guide to going to college, including what s learn each year, learning disabilities, reading strategies and early math.

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